†1) In this day and age, it seems that everybody wants to jump on the new technology bandwagon. One motor that is becoming popular to use is he Cadillac Northstar. While this is a very good motor, it does present some installation problems. This motor normally sits crosswise in the front of a new Cadillac. The water pump is mounted behind the left side cylinder head and is driven off the end of the cam shaft. This puts the water pump right up front in the Cadillac. However, when mounted conventionally the water pump ends up at the firewall in the way of the steering column! An easy way to overcome this is to remotely mount an electric pump and plumb the water in and out of it. The boys at Gilbertsonís Machine Shop can do this for you! We recently had to modify a customersí 1937 Chevy Pickup in order for the Cadillac engine to fit into itís narrow engine compartment, and the following slide show details how we did itÖ.